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    铮? G FACULTY OF LAW AND MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION We wrap up this eventful year and stand poised to leap into the next, with new hopes, optimism and aspirations on many fronts. FLM Marching into the future - our slogan since the year 2011 has continued to guide us towards self-improvement and a forward-looking attitude in all that we do. We are proud that we continue to mark our commitment to opening access as far as we can to cater for the ever-increasing demand for our programmes. Our Faculty continues to exemplify extraordinary diligence and resilience in meeting this need whilst doing our level best to maintain quality and student-centredness in our services. The past year featured an abundance of noteworthy accomplishments and events, which, again, would not have been possible without the professionalism and dedication of the team of full-time and part-time academics, backed by the hard-working team of non-academic staff. As I reflect over the past year, I believe there are many reasons for us to have great pride in our intrinsic strengths, our resilience in the face of challenges, and our positivity and solutions-orientedness. The year was an especially important one as the Faculty took charge of running the Law Practitioners Vocational Course, in effect taking over from the Council of Legal Education. Over one hundred learners enrolled on the course, which was delivered by expert practitioners. The historic transition was not smooth. Nevertheless, we have learnt much in the process, and, with support from our stakeholders, we are determined to make the University proud and to forge onward on an upward trajectory. This past year has also known an unprecedented boom in research activity, with Faculty presenting papers at national and international meetings; a large number receiving grants from the University as well as from the Mauritius Research Council; students, either singly or with their Lecturers publishing papers and even books; young Faculty embarking on their PhD studies and senior academics supervising their own MPhil/PhD students. Overall, everyone has been gearing up for a better future image and an enhanced productivity in this important area that is research. Outside the classroom, both staff and students have inspired us all by their accomplishments and involvements: Our Law students placed Mauritius on the podium, thanks to their outstanding performances during various Moot Court competitions around the world. 59  C

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